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Explore DailyStrength’s Blindness & Visual Impairment support groups and meet others who are facing Blindness & Visual Impairment related issues.

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About 54,000 Iowans are blind or low vision. If you or someone you know is experiencing vision loss, there are several support groups throughout the state to help

A global textile company, Vision is a leading player in textile manufacturing for performance & luxury textiles in hospitality, healthcare & retail markets.

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Welcome to Vision Exchange! Second Sense knows how important community-based support groups are for adults with vision loss. We are committed to helping you make your

A Low Vision Support Group is a gathering of people with the common problem of vision loss. They form or join such groups to discuss various aspects of their problems

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Alcohol & Substance rehabilitation. The community mobilizes anti-alcohol and substance program is a social support system for people dependent on alcohol

The Vision Group is a diverse team of entrepreneurs moving toward a common objective of creating freedom, longevity of life, and above average lifestyles.

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Vision Loss support groups arrange for individuals experiencing vision loss with a place to connect and share experiences, ideas and thoughts with like minded

Support Groups Support groups provide practical and emotional support to individuals coping with serious sight loss. Support groups provide the opportunity for

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